Make influence marketing as reliable as your media spend

Stand out from other agencies thanks to data-based selection of the most relevant influencers, according to their demographics, audience interests, audience engagement, views... Wizdeo personalizes your influencer campaign and manages its amplification according to your clients' objectives.

Customize your campaigns for better performance

At Wizdeo, the performance of your campaign in terms of direct sales and/or reach with your target audience is our main objective.

The characteristics of your target audience, and/or the history of your performance, are matched to our influencer data in Wizdeo Analytics, which identifies the influencers whose audience and messages will optimize the performance of your influence marketing.

The only YouTube-certified Influence Marketing agency

We use Wizdeo Analytics data to find the best influencers and boost your influence campaign. Wizdeo Analytics data are the only ones in Europe to be certified by the YouTube Measurement Program.

A privileged relationship with influencers

Wizdeo has a historic relationship with more than 2,000 influential talents in France and Europe.

Among these talents, we support 500 creators in their development, including 150 in exclusivity on their product placement campaigns. This close relationship allows Wizdeo to understand influencer motivations and therefore to measure their affinity for certain types of campaigns and their reliability in execution.

Transparent and competitive commissions

Our direct relationship with influencers means that we do not outsource your influencer campaigns to other agencies: no stacking of commissions.

Our technologies and processes allow us to be transparent and competitive in our commissions:

  • for branded content, commissions range from 5% for a campaign received by an influencer from our pool to 20% for other influencers.
  • We take 20% commission for the management of your media campaigns to boost your AdWords influence campaigns.

Wizdeo Analytics, #1 platform for YouTube influencer data

Wizdeo Analytics collects daily audience data from more than 700K YouTube creators, 300M videos, 17,000 brands. Track the performance of your campaigns and those of your competitors to measure &manage your campaign’s effectiveness .

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